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All of our instructors are CDB checked and CRB checked by WKSA HQ so you can be assured that you and your children are free from risk.

Our instructors have all been personally trained by Master Carl Barrie. They are nice and friendly people who care about your progress. You will be taught by true enthusiasts who love what they do.


Carl has been training constantly since the age of ten. He started helping to teach at the age of 14 to broaden his knowledge and understanding of the art and he has traveled around the UK & Europe being taught by high ranking UK, USA & Korean masters. He has also had the privilege of being taught by the founder of Kuk Sool Won Grand Master In Hyuk Suh (10th Degree) and this son’s Master Sung Jin Suh, (8th Degree) and Master Alex Sung Woo Suh (7th Degree).

“I was always watching Martial Art films, notably those starring Bruce Lee, which inspired me to start martial arts. Then one day my mum told me about the martial arts club up the road. Since that day I have never looked back. After the first class I ever attended I knew I would do this for the rest of my life.”

“I remember what it was like being a white belt and a new starter, so with this I feel I can help and teach everyone in life to reach black belt and beyond. Train your body to be strong and your mind will become strong and you can achieve anything in life.”

Carl has been competing every year since the age of 11 and has won European Grand champion with over thirty gold medals in events such as sparring, empty hand forms, techniques, board breaking and weapons.


Natalie started training in Kuk Sool Won in 2004 she was first interested in the martial art when she watched a Kuk Sool Won tournament and admired the masters demonstration after the competition. She was amazed and inspired which pushed her to start training in Kuk Sool Won the next week under PKJN Carl Barrie.

“I was shy and lacking in confidence when I started and although there is no obligation to enter a tournament in Kuk Sool Won all my class friends were entering so I thought I would give it a go, this was a very big step for me. I entered my first tournament as a white belt and won nothing but i gave it my best and although it was scary I really enjoyed it.”

Natalie kept entering competitions, at least 3 per year when at a Spanish tournament in Barcelona when she was at Red belt grade she won 2 silver medals for forms and techniques and a bronze for sparring. Ever since she has won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in forms, techniques, sparring, sword, staff and board breaking in Kings Lynn, Lowestoft, Birmingham, Liverpool, Barcelona and many different cities in Scotland.

Natalie has performed demonstrations in the Norfolk show in Norwich and at the NEC in Birmingham and says she would never have dreamed of doing all of this without Kuk Sool Won. You really do get all the help, encouragement and training you need to excel in the art and in your personal life. Natalie gained her 1st Degree Black Belt in May 2008 and has started training towards her 2nd Degree in May 2010 and hopes that one day she reaches Master level in this amazing Martial Art. Natalie is now a full time instructor under Carl Barrie teaching children and adults in the Liverpool school.



Abbey has always loved martial arts and was inspired in her early years by Bruce Lee but
didn’t have the opportunity to practice at a club. She loved the self-discipline and respect
and undertook further research through films and magazines.
She was introduced to Kuk Sool Won at her local gym in 2003 where she watched friends
practising. She was encouraged to have a ‘trial’ which she thoroughly enjoyed – and a few
weeks later started formal training under PJKN Carl Barrie.
Abbey enjoys the competitive side of Kuk Sool Won and regularly enters competitions at
UK/European level.
She took part in her first European tournament in 2004 as a yellow belt and won her first
bronze medal. Abbey recalls
“The concluding Masters Demonstration was awesome, ‘breath-taking’ and this was where
I set my sights on emulating the Masters.”
Abbey has since won numerous golds, silver and bronze medals at both European and UK
levels (for traditional forms, techniques, board breaking, staff spinning, staff form, sword
form, sparring, self-defence techniques and routines). Abbey has won Grand Champion
titles at UK, Scottish and European tournaments.
Abbey loves attending the workshops and seminars lead by Kuk Sa Nim, the founder of
Kuk Sool Won Grand Master In Hyuk Suh and son SIKJN Alex
Suh as part of her personal development and growth. She also relishes training with and
learning from her peers and colleagues.
Abbey is a member of the instructor’s team and teaches from beginner Lil’ Dragons
through to adults and higher-ranking students.
Abbey has set herself some personal targets and is fully committed to achieving these
goals; the first of which was achieved in 2008 when she promoted to the rank of 1st Degree
black belt. She is currently working towards her 4th Degree black belt ranking.


My name is Mark Callacher, I am 29. I am a part time science teacher in a local high school and currently run a property business. I have been a part of Kuk Sool Won, Liverpool, for Approximately 3 years having joined in the spring of 2011.

After sustaining a knee injury whilst playing football I started searching for something that could increase my flexibility whilst improving my strength and fitness. After a little research I found that taking up a martial arts seemed to tick many of the boxes I was looking for, however I was initially apprehensive about a few things, for example.

Was I too old to join (I had a misconception that all martial artists had taken it up as a child and I would simply be too inflexible)